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What if we lived in a fair world?

Imagine if we lived in a fair world. I was brushing my teeth and was imagining what this would be like. First of all, imagine if we all, from children, were given access to the same resources and opportunities. Everyone was given an education of an equal level. Every child was given the chance to make it to adulthood without being exposed to violence and disease.

Imagine if, once we all passed through this wonderful childhood we got to experience equal opportunities to find jobs and make lives for ourselves. Imagine if all this was available to every human being on this planet. Imagine if somehow this was all possible despite the differences in language and culture. Imagine if everyone was given the opportunity to extract a fair wage in exchange for the exchange of the labor they were to give. Imagine if this applied to everyone throughout the world and each country had the chance to make the use of its own resources without being pillaged by international corporations.

Would you like to live in this world?

I suspect those of us that already have these opportunities and advantages would not…


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Finding Happiness

I read a little aphorism that went:

We wage war on others when we’re not at peace with ourselves.

For a lot more fluffy wisdom like this, go here.

I thought this sounded ok, but what really got me thinking was the last four words. At peace with ourselves. Inner peace. Happiness. How can we find it?

The truth is, only you can bring yourself happiness. You have to accept yourself for who and what you are and then you can find happiness.

Try removing those things that leave us feeling lesser – Lust; Greed; Envy; Pride; and see if you can find happiness within yourself.

Because it’s true that we do seem to tie a lot of our happiness into what we have compared to others. We want more and think this will bring us happiness. We want more than our neighbors and think this will make us happy. But just imagine if you were suddenly happy with what you have now! Wouldn’t that be a weight off your shoulders?  But then you might think this sounds like a great ploy to keep people down – keep the poor people poor.

“Don’t try to better yourself! Accept who you are and find happiness!”

But perhaps you can accept who you are and what you have but still try to be a better you. Or a richer you. (Are they the same thing?)

Can be happy with who you are and what you have but still have ambition to grow?

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Stop the government taking control of a public tool – the internet.

Do you love the internet? I do, and I love the way we can get any information we want whenever we want.

Thanks to things like google we can find things so easily. Thanks to people putting in huge amounts of time that information is there. Thanks to thousands of people, resources like wikipedia work, but also there are smaller private sites that provide great information. And there is a lot of other great things about the internet as it is at the moment.

It is a free, open, wonderful place (admittedly there is a lot of stuff you may not want your kids to see but I wouldn’t have it any other way)

What freaks me out is when governments try to get involved. Do we really need the internet to be policed? That scares me. Even though I don’t think I am a contributor to what causes trouble, and am sure my site would be fine, there are way too many problems with having the government come and have power over the internet, behind the scenes where us normal users never get to see.

Check this out –

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I love the web #1 – Free music online is so easy!

I love the internet. I hope to make this somewhat of a theme here on my blog – sharing cool stuff that I have stumbled upon (why do I feel like I am breaching a trademark there?) and I feel others might like to know about. Maybe you already know about it, or maybe you have been there, done that and are on to the next thing.. in that case, leave a message and let me (and maybe a few of any readers who pop by) know the better alternative!

Today’s I Love the Internet is what I am going to call internet radio. I wanted to listen to some music online easily without having to choose every song, which is what I was doing if I ever used youtube. Actually I thought I had just discovered the next big thing – I was imagining a music based social networking site where you meet friends and through those friends you get access to the music they have uploaded – just to listen, not download. That way we all just upload a few songs, meet people then have access to so much more music without breaking piracy rules… maybe.

Anyway, a quick google turned that ‘get rich quick’ fantasy on its head once I realised people have already provided music online in an easy to listen to format – internet radio.

And the one I use is – go and check it out! You can listen anytime, or you can sign up and personalise your playlist so that every time you go back it will play the music you want to listen to.

It is similar to radio in that you can’t just choose a song to play, but you can choose the artists you want to be played on your ‘station’. You can’t rewind, although you can skip to the next song and if they play a song you don’t like, just click the thumbs down button and they won’t play that song again (although I question the efficacy of that feature – I seem to hear songs I have thumbed down again and again…)

Once you have set up your station you can access it any time. Unlike real radio, there are no audio ads. Cool! However it seems that Jango replaces ads with songs from up and coming artists who probably pay to be played. When these artists are played, a big set of up/down thumbs pop up inside the Jango screen and you can vote on that artist. Sometimes they are ok, sometimes they are terrible (or at least on my station that’s the case).

Anyway, Jango! Free internet radio.

Got anything better than Jango? I would love to hear about it – just leave a comment below.

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Occupy Wall Street nonsense

Image taken from

So we recently got to seven billion – we as in the world and 7 billion as in the population!! Wow. But this post is about something that has been seeing a lot of media attention and a flurry of web activity. Something that my mind wandered on to after thinking about my previous post. Something called occupy wall street.

This has to be the most idiotic bunch of protesting I have ever seen. Ostensibly the occupy wall street movement (oh my god, it’s a freak’n movement) is to bring attention to the disparity between those that have a lot and those that don’t have so much. And I will admit there is some legitimacy to their claim that there are a few people who have a lot and a lot of people who have a lot less. Yeah, it’s not fair.

The only thing is, the people who are complaining don’t seem to have it so bad. These people who are complaining strike me as a bunch of silver spoon-ers who have ventured out into the world and found that it isn’t as wonderful as living with mummy and daddy was. Boo hoo.

These people are complaining that they have too much debt. Well, stop buying shit on credit.

They are complaining that there are a few people with all the wealth. So what’s new? It has been this way since there has been wealth. And if you take a look at your position in relation to those throughout the world’s 7 billion, you might find a lot less to complain about.

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World population at 7 billion

So I remember when I was in Elementary School. The world population (as I knew it) was 6 billion. Admittedly that was almost 20 years ago but WOW, another billion people in 20 years? According to the UN, we have as at October 31, 2011 reached 7,000,000,000 people on earth.

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It’s cool because saying it like that, kind of makes it sound like we are one people. Which I guess we are but in so many other realities we are not. We are racist and discriminatory and classist and selfish and a whole lot of other bad things. The things we do, or the things we accept are done on our behalf and out of our sight are crazy and cause so much suffering for so many of those seven billion of us on earth. Hey, it’s a global recession right, can’t think of anyone else right now. We have to put food on our own plates. And by food we mean TV’s, Gameboy’s, Cars and second cars, sofa’s, brand name clothing, etc.

So why does the population keep increasing? Lately we have had a few chances to cull the population, swine flu comes to mind but due to advances in technology we can fight those diseases, cut down on the spreading and the population stays strong. Good or bad? Is a massive world population a good thing? Is it a bad thing?

I came across a website for a religion that proposed limiting child-birth. I think this might not be such a bad thing. Two children per family is perfectly reasonable. Having more is not only putting a strain on your budget but also on the earth’s ability to provide.

Maybe the world should go the way of China. Two children per family max. Sounds good to me.

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First post, just an intro.

Hey, I’m Steve. This is my blog.

I have created this blog as a place to put ideas that float around in my head into written word.

These opinions will perhaps often be inspired by news articles, but may just be things that pop into my head.

A lot of blogs are topical. The topic of this blog is “What I am thinking about enough that I feel the need to write about it.” It’s not very specific but I hope that if you do read what I write, you might find some of it interesting.

I am generally a pretty agreeable kind of guy and it seems to come naturally to me to take sides with the underdog. This empathetic side of me means I also try to understand both sides. Here I will challenge myself to be one sided. Strongly opinionated. I consider this blog a place to develop an alter ego. But I am still who I am, so what I write will be what I write.

Whoever you are, welcome to my blog.