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Handling Regret – Things I want to teach my kids

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I’m sitting here trying to get some work done and from out of nowhere a memory I am ashamed of burst into my head. Other times when this memory has burst into my head, I have had physical reactions to the memory. My cheeks and ears burned red and my head dropped down in shameful regret.

This regretful action wasn’t anything illegal. It was something I said at a party when I was new to alcohol that caused the other person, who came up to introduce himself to me, to stand there speechless for a moment then having nothing else to say, to walk away and never speak to me again. It wasn’t offensive, racist, sexist or bad what I said, but it put a wall up and when I remember the moment I regret it.

Today however, instead of looking down and reliving the personal shame, I looked up and shook my head at how young and stupid I was. And this is something I want to eventually teach my kids (I don’t have children as of yet).

You will do stupid stuff. You will do things you regret. But don’t relive every failure and shame yourself into thinking you are a lesser person. Learn from these failures. Laugh at the stupidity and realise you have learnt how not to do something and that next time you will have more success.

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