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Do Kids Learn Anything at School?

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Ok, obviously they do. They learn math, science, history, geography, etc, etc. But I have been reading some stuff that ignited a spark that has been smoldering in the back of my mind for some time; that schools aren’t so much education facilities as they are worker factories.

Kids don’t really learn all that much at school. Seriously, beyond the ability to read, write and do some basic sums, what else did you “learn” at school that you still have with you and use to this day. Most of what school is about is the ability to study, remember and pass a test. And once you have passed the test, you are generally free to forget everything and move on with the next subject.

If you want to turn your kid into a great worker, send them to the worker factory, a.k.a. school. Here’s a few minutes of George Carlin (R.I.P.), the late and great thinking man’s comedian as he breaks the school system down for you.


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