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Teaching Kids the Right Way – Things I want to teach my kids

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I was bumbling around and found a site Penelope Trunk’s site, specifically this post about motivation. I thought it was a good one. Of course, there are things I agree with and things I don’t. The article talks about letting kids learn what they want to learn. A fantastic concept but one that I think, in reality, isn’t going to work all the time. Surely there are things you want to teach your children that they don’t want to learn.

Reading more posts in the Home Schooling section of that site gives some great ideas that I would love to bring to my children and their learning. But still, I don’t think I can afford to home school them, as great as that sounds and as terrible as schools are starting to look, once you have your eyes opened.

Let kids learn what they want to learn. Look to see what interests them and how they start to learn about it and yourself learn from that. How do your kids learn? Use that.

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