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I Built My Own Computer

So I built my own computer. From parts, obviously, so I guess I should say assembled but whatever. Anyway, it’s a desktop computer and the cool thing about desktops, especially ones you built yourself, is that you can upgrade them!

My current specs are:

  • 8Gb Ram
  • Intel Core i5 (quad core)
  • 128Gb Hard Drive (Solid State)

With all that ram and the quad cores on top of solid state memory, the machine is pretty fast. I actually put it together a few months back and am thinking about doing a little tinkering.

At the time I was quite busy and gaming was the last thing on my mind and I had no interest in it at all. However, since then, I have cut back on work hours and developed a small interest in gaming, which started out because I found there were games you could play online, free! Games such as BattleForge.

The thing about these games is they are taxing on a standard graphics card. In fact, I don’t even have a graphics card, it’s built into the Intel Core i5. But there is room on the motherboard for a graphics card and I’d be really interested in seeing the difference in how these online games run with upgraded graphics.

I’m also pondering upgrading my CPU to the i7 version but I think the first thing, seeing as the CPU doesn’t seem to be working very hard at all at the moment, is to get the graphics card. Don’t you love technology!

I realise it’s not the best in the world but I do love my computer and how smooth it runs. Anyone else proud of their computer? What are your specs?


Hotmail/ Not Opening

I have an outlook account, previously known as hotmail, as well as a gmail account. There is no doubt which one is better. email sucks. I thought the “upgrade” from hotmail to outlook was ok – a nice and clean interface but lately the site itself has been having issues!

When I go to, the site won’t even load. From various different computers that in the past have been fine loading the page, I now can’t even get to the login page. I’m guessing something is wrong with the site’s ability to be accessed (IP issues or something, I’m not an internet guru), at least temporarily. And if it’s not something wrong with the site’s connection, then something wrong with the site’s design because while the outlook login page won’t load, visiting any other website is without issue.

Anyone else having this problem lately?

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Would you use a google operating system?

I love google. I think they have a pretty awesome search engine and a good email service and I am a google chrome user. I can’t say much about their other services such as google docs, etc, but what really got me started on the “I love google” thing is chrome.

I started using chrome quite a while ago and it just beats the socks of windows and I even prefer it over firefox because of how quickly it loads up. Although I do use firefox for other things, my general browsing go-to is chrome.

But I just had a crazy thought. Imagine if google went into operating systems. Imagine if you didn’t have to have to choose between windows or mac. There was also a google option.

Would you trust a google operating system?

Would you try it the next time you bought a computer?

So apparently I wrote this one without doing any research – there is a google operating system. Turns out it isn’t that great, or that most of us would find it difficult to use at present because it is built with the notion that “the cloud” already exists.

And while it kind of does, what I’m also talking about is access to the cloud, whenever you need it. At home, fine, you have internet. But if you take your computer out with you, you still want to be able to use it. If it’s a chromebook (the laptops that have the chrome OS built in), you can’t even use it unless you can find internet access.

One day, and pretty soon, this won’t be a problem and things like what google is advocating with their chrome OS will work because internet will be everywhere. Even now my cellphone can be turned into a portable wi-fi source. Problem solved, for me at least. But I still need to have cell access. Going overseas? No good.

Anyway, the Chrome OS is something for the future and I love google for their visions of the future. Google glass. Cars with autopilot mode. Go google.

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I love the web #1 – Free music online is so easy!

I love the internet. I hope to make this somewhat of a theme here on my blog – sharing cool stuff that I have stumbled upon (why do I feel like I am breaching a trademark there?) and I feel others might like to know about. Maybe you already know about it, or maybe you have been there, done that and are on to the next thing.. in that case, leave a message and let me (and maybe a few of any readers who pop by) know the better alternative!

Today’s I Love the Internet is what I am going to call internet radio. I wanted to listen to some music online easily without having to choose every song, which is what I was doing if I ever used youtube. Actually I thought I had just discovered the next big thing – I was imagining a music based social networking site where you meet friends and through those friends you get access to the music they have uploaded – just to listen, not download. That way we all just upload a few songs, meet people then have access to so much more music without breaking piracy rules… maybe.

Anyway, a quick google turned that ‘get rich quick’ fantasy on its head once I realised people have already provided music online in an easy to listen to format – internet radio.

And the one I use is – go and check it out! You can listen anytime, or you can sign up and personalise your playlist so that every time you go back it will play the music you want to listen to.

It is similar to radio in that you can’t just choose a song to play, but you can choose the artists you want to be played on your ‘station’. You can’t rewind, although you can skip to the next song and if they play a song you don’t like, just click the thumbs down button and they won’t play that song again (although I question the efficacy¬†of that feature – I seem to hear songs I have thumbed down again and again…)

Once you have set up your station you can access it any time. Unlike real radio, there are no audio ads. Cool! However it seems that Jango replaces ads with songs from up and coming artists who probably pay to be played. When these artists are played, a big set of up/down thumbs pop up inside the Jango screen and you can vote on that artist. Sometimes they are ok, sometimes they are terrible (or at least on my station that’s the case).

Anyway, Jango! Free internet radio.

Got anything better than Jango? I would love to hear about it – just leave a comment below.