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Would you use a google operating system?

I love google. I think they have a pretty awesome search engine and a good email service and I am a google chrome user. I can’t say much about their other services such as google docs, etc, but what really got me started on the “I love google” thing is chrome.

I started using chrome quite a while ago and it just beats the socks of windows and I even prefer it over firefox because of how quickly it loads up. Although I do use firefox for other things, my general browsing go-to is chrome.

But I just had a crazy thought. Imagine if google went into operating systems. Imagine if you didn’t have to have to choose between windows or mac. There was also a google option.

Would you trust a google operating system?

Would you try it the next time you bought a computer?

So apparently I wrote this one without doing any research – there is a google operating system. Turns out it isn’t that great, or that most of us would find it difficult to use at present because it is built with the notion that “the cloud” already exists.

And while it kind of does, what I’m also talking about is access to the cloud, whenever you need it. At home, fine, you have internet. But if you take your computer out with you, you still want to be able to use it. If it’s a chromebook (the laptops that have the chrome OS built in), you can’t even use it unless you can find internet access.

One day, and pretty soon, this won’t be a problem and things like what google is advocating with their chrome OS will work because internet will be everywhere. Even now my cellphone can be turned into a portable wi-fi source. Problem solved, for me at least. But I still need to have cell access. Going overseas? No good.

Anyway, the Chrome OS is something for the future and I love google for their visions of the future. Google glass. Cars with autopilot mode. Go google.